Dog Training by Bruce
Dog training made easy...

Basic Steps Needed to Successful Training...

  • Consistency

  • Repitition

  • Control

  • Positive Reinforcement
About Us
I offer basic dog training for both the dog and the owner.  I a a firm believer of training the owner and the dog.  I offer such correction services at potty training, chewing, jumping on furniture and people as well as many other correction services.

I also offer training services for come, heal, stay, sit, down, and proper walking techniques.  

I do not offer K-9 training, work with aggressive dogs or dogs that bite.  Before I work with the owner(s) and dog I will only accept jobs after evaluating both the dog and owner and the evironment. 

Every owner will be given homework assignments that must be done in order to have the team be a success.  The team of course means the dog and the owner(s).
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